Raves and Reviews for Hot Club of Las Vegas

The fiery Gypsy guitar playing of Mundo Juillerat meets the smooth, sultry vocals of Noybel Gorgoy as they explore a delicious mix of Django Reinhardt compositions, Latin rhythms, and jazz ballads. Never a dull moment from the best Gypsy band of the West!

Michael Horowitz- Owner of, Author of Gypsy Rhythm and Gypsy Picking, Guitarist for the Djangomatics

The Hot Club of Las Vegas combines outstanding musicianship with fresh, innovative ideas and programming.  They were the hit of the concert when they appeared with Nevada Pops!

Richard McGee, Nevada Pops

I can’t think of a better place for a “Hot Club” than Las Vegas. With Gypsy Jazz being played all over the world these days, why not in one of the hottest cities in America. Besides, Vegas can always use a little culture with jazz being practically non-existent here. I have to give this band a new label though. I’ll call it “Gypsy Jazz Fusion” because the musicians are coming from so many different genres that you can’t put it in just one category. [read more]

Steve Cantor – Jazz Guitarist and Journalist

The Hot Club of Las Vegas is one of the most creative and musical groups this city has ever seen.
I’ve been here for over 30 years and this is a FIRST!
All great musicians, singers and more importantly people.
When in Las Vegas you have to catch their show.

Jerry Lopez- Leader of Santa Fe and the Fat City Horn, formerly with Rick Martin Band, Bill Champlin, and Tom Scott.


They hit this one outa the park

I just finished listening to the entire CD. The jaw-dropping playing, the obvious love they exude for this genre, the quality of the recording itself, all spot-on.
Robert E Gladd

I have known Mundo Juillerat as a great guitar player since I worked with him during my tenure as president of US Music Corp. His innate ability to hear, read and play any number of styles has fascinated me.
This new group utilizes that talent beautifully and the band is together and red hot.
I urge you to listen to a great group of musicians that play their heart out and leave you wanting more,………. routinely.
Larry English
Ediface Digital LLC

When I went to hear Hot Club of Las Vegas it was, indeed, a revelation. It’s jazz, but it has a definite melody. I’m afraid I lack the musical vocabulary to convey it properly, but I — along with the friends who came with me — were blown away. We realized we’d heard Django in the soundtrack of Chocolat and there’s word that Johnny Depp will portray him in a biopic. [read more]

Ellen Sterling – The Huffington Post

“Exceptionally fluid and moving guitar solo’s that you can actually live in- it’s hard to believe that just one person is playing all those notes”

Kim Manning – P-Funk Allstar from George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars

“Killer CD bro! Fantastic sounds and chops and on and on. VERY proud of ya. U Kick my ass!”

Jennifer Batten – Solo Artist, Guitarist for Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson

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